In 2011, The founder of Reoron technology ltd, leading a team to develop the Intel Adou Ki series, the first domestic windows rugged tablet. Subsequently, led the team to develop MTK6572 platform rugged tablet. Now, the company focus on the development of Intel Z series and MTK6735 series tablet PC and intelligent terminals. The company has the cooperation of hardware and software development team of more than 200 people, from Bios of X-86, driver developing, windows system integration, application layer development, all have the corresponding professional person for the fixed position. ARM team, integrated a larger of  professional technician for hardware, layout, drivers, API layer,  to carefully development of products.
 Now days, in accordance with 810-G, CE, FCC  international standards, We have developed a solid, water-proof, dust-proof, Drop-proof tablet PC. Product integrated with a large of intelligent functions. Data collection functions such as RFID, 2D Barcode scanner, Infrared induction. In power source processing, we had developed a hot swap rugged tablet with Android system.   Providing a better effort for industrial control, intelligent collection, Mobile office. On extension, it has integrated a rich application interface, RJ45. RS232, HDMI, Micro-USB, USB and so on. In Sturdiness, 10.1inch big screen, 1.2-1.5meters drop-proof, IP67 water-proof standard. Aii on the first  in domestic. 
 In the future,  we hope to improve the artificial intelligence, remote and non-contact,  multi-mode collection into the intelligent terminal. To make our models more consistent, more appropriate for work and life needs of industrial users, outdoor users. For china’s, or the world’s rugged intelligent terminal making due contributions.