As a manufacturer of rugged tablet PCs,  Shenzhen Sincoole Technology Co., Ltd. always focus on the tackling of industrial computers' anti-fall, waterproof, dust-proof and anti-vibration performance. At present, our 5.5-inch Windows 10 rugged tablet PC has finished developing and officially mass-produced on the market.  Here is a brief introduction for it

1. Sincoole Rugged tablet PC SH5 is a 5.5-inch tablet PC(handheld terminal) with Intel cherry Z8350 equipped with Windows 10 as the platform. Its small size is very convenient to carry. The memory capacity of 4G + 64G memory is higher than the storage capacity of the previous handheld. The USB3.0 interface provides convenience for connecting the mouse and keyboard, making it easier for users to operate. The pogo pin design on the back adds extra large integrated functions.

2. built in One-dimensional or two-dimensional barcode scanners(optional)

Built-in one-dimensional or two-dimensional barcode scanner, it can allow the original equipment to quickly and accurately read one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes on various media, decode the read bar code information, transmit the data to the system. And then Interactive processing is performed on the background to realize a series of self-service functions. Greatly improve the user's work efficiency of data collection and fast data processing.

3. RFID UHF module

The external UHF module is connected to the computer through the POGO Pin, which is well compatible with the device, provides good scanning performance, and is well combined with the Windows system in handheld terminal, making the scanning application in actual work more flexible and capable. Compatible with various electronic tags on the market, rapid identification, accurate and efficient, fully meet the applications in retail, logistics, inventory, medical and other fields.