In the enterprise production automation application, the industrial intelligent three-proof tablet has many advantages, and one of its biggest advantages is the application in industrial automation control. The industrial rugged tablet PC has stable performance and can be operated in harsh environments. The industrial site can be placed in a suitable location, such as can be embedded in a machine, cabinet, or placed on an operating table to achieve human-machine interactive operation. It is waterproof and dustproof. , Anti-fall, low temperature start, high temperature operation, multiple slots and easy expansion.
In enterprise production automation, Sincoole Techology industrial intelligent rugged tablet ST11 is applied to different industry fields:

1. Application of industrial rugged tablet PC in packaging industry production automation
In the production industry, in order to meet the requirements of monitoring product quality in the production workshop and displaying the feedback of production data, a data processing terminal with a solid structure is often required. jobsAs it happens, the 10.1-inch Android rugged smart tablet ST11 produced by Sincoole Technology can meet the requirements. In addition to its own ability to adapt to the harsh operating environment, the industrial rugged smart tablet can be well improved by the Android 7.0 smart operating system, full Netcom 4GLTE, pressure pen Production automation level.

2. the application of industrial rugged tablet computers in the production automation of the logistics industry
As a circulating industry, the logistics industry needs to check whether the name and quantity of goods, origin, destination, and delivery time are correct in every link from collection, packaging, loading, transportation, sorting, and distribution. To see if there is a string of goods, omissions, damage. Faced with tens of thousands of shipments, how to give them an independent ID tag is particularly important, which can help logistics companies save a lot of time and cost. Nowadays, the industrial three-proof tablet with RFID can do it. With RFID technology, hundreds of electronic tags can be read at one time, the amount of data read is larger, and the time of use is shorter, which realizes the storage of goods. The automatic, fast and definite reading of the system greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency of logistics management, and effectively helps the automation of logistics enterprises' production. And ST11 of Sincoole Technology uses RFID UHF as an optional function, customers can freely choose according to their needs3. Application of industrial rugged tablet computer in production automation of fishery industry

In addition to the complicated weather conditions, the fishery enterprises must also face fishery disputes between different countries in order to avoid being caught by foreign maritime affairs. Therefore, fisheries urgently need to establish their own perfect ship navigation and line monitoring emergency linkage system to cope with the crisis. However, with the good double-precision navigation in the world now, the emergence of 10-inch IP67 industrial three-proof tablet PC can fully cope with the sea wave splashing in the operation of fishery enterprises, the limited space of fishing vessels, and the inaccuracy of ordinary equipment navigation Difficulties, the short message communication function service in the industrial rugged tablet will provide a safe guarantee system for the operations of fishery enterprises.Compared with other companies' products, Sincoole technology's rugged smart tablet, according to different industries, locates the target consumer group more accurately, and can also meet the requirements of extremely complex environments in the operation, to achieve the ideal anti-drop, waterproof, and dustproof effects At the same time, based on the ST11 standard version, it accepts the customized development needs of industry modules, which is unmatched by ordinary business and consumer products.